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do_action( ‘greenlet_topbar’ )

Fires after greenlet_before_topbar and before greenlet_after_topbar

This action can be used to render any component or perform any actions before the topbar is rendered by specifying the $priority less than 10 and after the topbar is rendered by specifying the $priority greater than 10

Example Usage:

function mytheme_do_something() {
	// do_something();

add_action( 'greenlet_topbar', 'mytheme_do_something' );

Registered actions in Greenlet Theme:
greenlet_do_topbar in library/frontend/header-structure.php
greenlet_do_topbar renders the topbar if enabled via Customizer.

Topbar rendering can be completely removed with:

function mytheme_remove_topbar() {
	remove_action( 'greenlet_topbar', 'greenlet_do_topbar' );
add_action( 'greenlet_init', 'mytheme_remove_topbar', 20 );