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Greenlet Terms – Glossary

Header & Footer

A header is a section that usually appears on top of the page. However, Header can also be arranged to appear on the left or right sides of a page. Similarly, a footer section usually appears on the bottom of the page. However, similar to a header, a footer can also be arranged to appear on the left or right sides of a page.


Cover refers to all the Headers and footers sections combined. Besides top and bottom areas, Greenlet also has options to set headers and footers to appear on the left and right sides of the page. They can appear as cover for a page, hence the term cover.

Main Header/Footer

The main header section renders with a <header> HTML tag. The main footer renders with a <footer> HTML tag. Other headers and footers sections render with <section> HTML tags.

Sticky Header/Footer

A sticky header sticks to the top of the page when users scroll the page. Similarly, a sticky footer sticks to the bottom of the page. Note that the initial position of a sticky header is unaltered.

Main Section

The main section of a page renders the main content and sidebars (widget areas)


Sidebar, also called as Widget area is section of the page which renders WordPress widgets.


Pagination is the process of dividing WordPress Posts and Pages list into separate pages or the content of a post or page itself into separate pages.


AJAX is an abbreviation for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In Greenlet AJAX is mainly used to fetch paginated content without reloading the rest of the page.

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scrolling is a technique that appends the paginated content to the end of the current content as the user scrolls down the page, without manually clicking a button.


Customizer is a backend section of the WordPress admin area where usually the site administrator can make changes to the appearance and functionality of the website, while live previewing the changes made. WordPress customizer can be accessed via Appearance > Customize.


Widgets are components that add content and features to Sidebars (Widget areas). Widgets can be added, removed, and rearranged on the Theme Customizer or Appearance > Widgets.


Templates are usually PHP files that render a particular section of a page like logo, menu, or content.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is code that is added to a webpage that describes the schemantic vocabulary of tags also called as microdata. Schema markup helps search engines to better understand the content of a webpage and hence helps them better represent that content.


Toggler is a button that toggles the visibility of a section of the page. In Greenlet, the toggle buttons are usually used to show and hide a navigation menu or a sidebar. However, by specifying a target query it can be used to toggle any section of the page.

CSS Framework

CSS framework is a collection of CSS styles that is used to structure and design a webpage in a consistent manner.


Preset is a pre-defined set of customizer settings bundled into a single option. For example, different page layouts, CSS frameworks, styles, blog content visibility, etc are bundled into a single preset. Greenlet presets can be accessed via Appearance > Customize > Presets.


Breadcrumb is a set of navigation links that helps users to understand the location of the current page on the website. Breadcrumb indicates the relation of the current page with the parent pages in the hierarchy so that users can also easily navigate to parent pages.