About Us

We are the Greenlet team, a small group of WordPress enthusiasts. We design and develop user-centric, performance-focused WordPress products.

About Greenlet theme

For a very long time, we have been searching for a WordPress product that enables us to customize a website to any extent and still maintains performance. 

There are millions of WordPress themes and plugins in the market. The majority of these products are either feature-focused or performance-focused, but not both at the same time! Nobody seems to be doing it right! So we thought of creating one and make WordPress website creation as frictionless as possible.

It all started with an idea that the layout and the design of a website should not be decided by a theme, rather the theme should provide all the functionalities necessary to create the design as the user wants. The user should have all the power to decide the structure of a website.

With the traditional structure of popular WordPress themes, this was not possible. So we brainstormed this theory to create the backbone of the Greenlet theme. The concept is simple. If a theme follows all the below points, it would achieve what we wanted:

  1. Add settings to create an unlimited number of headers and footers (rows).
  2. Add settings to create unlimited columns within each row.
  3. In the main content section, provide an option to arrange the content in unlimited ways.
  4. Add settings to edit styles for any element in the page the user selects, but not defined by the developer.
  5. Write lighthouse test cases that will fail if page speed scores fall below 100. Integrate these tests in the build process.

So, we started creating the structure for a theme in 2018. Today, 2 years later, we have one of the most powerful themes to offer to the world.

We create all our clients’ websites using the Greenlet theme. This helps us come up with a dynamic range of problems and solutions. We incorporate all these learnings to provide the best experience possible to the end-user.

The team behind Greenlet