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Design by: Ghassan Hani

Greenlet theme Features

Incredibly Fast

Speed is the Key

Why settle for less when you can build one of the fastest websites on the World Wide Web with zero coding knowledge! Thousands of WordPress themes provide mediocre features and yet slow down your website. Greenlet has loads and loads of features with the highest performance possible.

Best Practices

Score 100/100

A Fresh installation of Greenlet theme always scores 100/100 in Google's Lighthouse Page Speed testing tool. Keep that score alive!

Less than 150ms

Oh, Did you know that with the default theme settings and WordPress data Greenlet loads your site in under 150ms? Isn't it super duper fast?

Single Request

Configure your website to make just one network request on page load unlike other themes which makes tens of requests.

No Jquery

Greenlet does not require jQuery or any third party javascript libraries which often slows down your website. Only essential scripts are loaded.

Less than 25KB

Greenlet is extremely lightweight as well. With fresh installation your site needs less than 25KB data for a full page load including content, styles and scripts.

0 blocking time

Total amount of time a Greenlet page is blocked from responding to user input, such as mouse clicks is negligible and page interactivity is instantaneous!

Unlimited Layouts

There is no limit

We do not decide how many headers you need or how much width your content or sidebars should take. You have that power. Use customizer to convert your pages into grids and allocate main content or sidebars into each column to design virtually any layout.

12 Columns Design

Layouts are defined in 12 column format like 8-4 or 3-6-3. This unleashes n number of possible layouts. Greenlet is designed to work with any 12 column CSS framework.

Headers & Footers

Do you know with Greenlet you could literally design 479001600 different types of layouts just for single header. Wait.. So are footers and, main content!!

Variable Sidebars

Number of sidebars for content area are defined via customizer as well. Header and footer widget areas are created separately based on the selected layout

Shuffle Columns

Sequence the main content of the page and sidebars the way you want. Content position shuffling is available based on the layout selected via customizer.

The most powerful visual style editor

What you See is What you Get

The only theme that allows you to edit styles for visually any element... Yes, any element of your website. Visual Style Editor is baked into the WordPress Customizer. So you don't need to leave the customizer or refresh the page. With real-time styles update, you can stay focused on designing your incredible website.

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Visual Style editor

Global variables

Change design globally by adjusting the CSS variables or add styles to specific pages and elements with visual editor

Media Queries

With powerful visual media query editor, design separate styles for mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Code editor

Get your hands dirty and fine tune complex styles with CSS code editor. Unleash the full CSS potential.

Mobile ready

Keep up with the trend

Target Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Visitors without hassle. We designed Greenlet carefully to look and feel well in all the devices out there. Did you know since 2010, global web pages served to Tablets and Mobile phones increased from 2.9% to 58.2%?

Mobile Optimized

Header & Footer Builder

Foundation for tomorrow

With simple yet powerful Header and footer builder, create unlimited headers and footers with multiple content sources like Logo, Menu, Toggle button, Widgets and PHP templates!

Header & Footer builder

Explore more Features

See some more reasons that make it the only theme you will ever need for your WordPress website.
  • SEO Best Practices

    Friend of Search Engines

    Schema is integrated in addition to other SEO best practices so that Search engines love your site. Whether it is Document title or legible font sizes, you get the structure the right way.

  • Design via Customizer

    Easy as Pie

    All options are available via WordPress customizer. Make changes, live preview them even before saving. Save, Rinse and repeat. Get the best out of your theme.

  • Pagination

    Love for AJAX?

    Greenlet has multiple pagination options. Default pagination with "Newer" and "Older" buttons, Numbered pagination, Numbered Ajax, "Load More", and Infinite scroll!!

  • Translation and RTL Ready


    Build multilingual sites and run them with ease. WPML or Polylang, It works. Writing in languages with different directions? Greenlet supports LTR or RTL out of the box.

  • Color Options

    Green isn't just a color

    Change Backgrounds and Colours of elements, headings, buttons, texts, inputs etc from customizer. We covered semi-transparent and transparent colors too!

  • Typography

    Type is Branding

    Greenlet enables you to utilize multiple system fonts to make no external request. Or... Love Google fonts? Select from a vast collection of 900+ google fonts.

  • Greenlet & Bootstrap

    The greatest surprise

    We have written a tiny 12 column grid system which is enabled by default. Love for Bootstrap? Switch to bootstrap via customizer and viola! Now that's the greatest surprise isn't it?

  • Page Builder Friendly

    Editors on steroids

    Use WordPress's default editor Gutenberg or page builders like Elementor, SiteOrigin's builder, Beaver Builder, or any other visual page builder. Greenlet Supports them all.

  • Woocommerce Ready

    It's time to sell more

    Creating an online store is as easy as a breeze. Select shop layout, product layout and search layouts, rows and columns, cart positions all within the customizer.

and many more...

Find a plan that's right for you

Every plan comes with a 14-day Money back guarantee.

  • Greenlet Theme

    • All above features
    • Free Forever
    • Automatic updates
    • Standard Support

      Issues are supported via the WordPress Support Forum.

  • Pro version

    Save 50%
    • Posts Masonry Layout
    • Bulma & Materialize
    • Gradient Backgrounds
    • Element Transforms
    • Upcoming features
    • Priority Support

      Access to priority Support System. We respond to all your issues & queries at the highest priority.

    • Unlimited websites

      Use Greenlet pro theme on unlimited websites without any additional license.

  • Enterprise Edition

    • Greenlet Pro version

      You receive access to the Greenlet Pro version with 1 Year updates & support without any extra cost. Free renewal as long as you are Enterprise customer.

    • Onboarding service

      Our onboarding service is here to support you, every step of the way. We will build a plan together that's designed to build the best website possible.

    • Dedicated developer

      One dedicated developer will work with you to set up/support your website with the Greenlet theme. This includes all the work related to the theme like customization, theme section edit, styling, performance, security, etc. This package includes a total of 20 hours of support from the assigned developer.

    • 24/7 Support

      We are live 24/7. You can contact our support staff any time of the day and we will respond to your request with the highest priority.