Greenlet Booster – An ultimate companion

Greenlet booster is a companion plugin for Greenlet theme and it’s child themes.


Currently Greenlet booster provides following features:

  • Import theme options – Adds a theme settings import option under “Appearance > Greenlet Options”
    This enables you to import Greenlet theme settings from a different website or from theme settings backup of your own website from a different timestamp.
  • Performance – Adds toggle buttons to enable or disable WordPress emoji scripts and WordPress embed scripts.
    Warning: Disabling these scripts may break emojis and post embeds from another WordPress website. Disable with caution. However, this will save an extra two network requests for every single visitor visiting your website. This may also increase your website page speed on a slow network and of course make your website a little more lightweight.
  • SEO – Adds default meta description to every page if meta description does not already exist.
  • More features coming soon…
Greenlet Booster Screenshot 1
Greenlet Booster Screenshot 2


Is this a required plugin for Greenlet theme?

No. Greenlet theme works great without this plugin. This is a plugin to add more features to your theme.

Can I install or uninstall this plugin after I install Greenlet theme?

Yes, This plugin can be installed, uninstalled, activated and deactivated independent of the theme.

How to download?

  • Download Greenlet Booster
  • Download from the official WordPress repository. (Coming soon)